About Us

about us

Angarai Community Services is a Management Consulting firm with deep ties to the Maryland community. We are problem solvers who respond to social challenges with economic solutions that address society’s need for stability, health and wellbeing. As a firm focused on flexibility and adaptation, we make concepts into reality and surmount the challenges of our clients and community.

Our work is a veritable value proposition in the form of a strategic road-map. For example, our model for free and accessible COVID testing has been so successful as to recently earn us Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Service Citation Award for “… going above and beyond to assist in [Maryland’s] response to the coronavirus pandemic”.

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Angarai Community Services operates through a team of dedicated individuals based entirely in Maryland. We serve at the pleasure of our clients who have included the Montgomery County Council, Department of Health, and the Maryland Department of Health and Human Services. Our work could not reach the levels of achievement we consistently attain without the tireless help of our partners including: American Diversity Group (ADG), KloudData, and Aastha Adult Daycare.

Whether it be providing free COVID testing for our community’s most vulnerable members, or periodically holding food and influenza vaccination drives, Angarai Community Services perpetually seeks to lift up our community by facing the critical challenges of our time.