Angarai COVID Testing Center (ACTC)

In October 2020, Angarai Community Services opened its flagship COVID testing center in Silver Spring, MD, in partnership with Aastha Adult Day-Care, American Diversity Group (ADG), and the Montgomery County Department of Health. At our testing center, Angarai Community Services provides residents with the ability to receive COVID testing for no charge whatsoever; we require neither an administrative fee, nor proof of the residents’ insurance information.

By January 2020, our testing center successfully helped more than 10,000 residents protect not only their own health but that of their families and broader community by getting a free COVID test. Our Test Center Navigators speak a variety of languages thereby enabling residents of different backgrounds to comfortably discuss and act in protection of their health.

Unlike most COVID testing centers, we not only provide testing services free of charge, but are open at hours that specifically cater to the availabilities of working families, including: early mornings, late nights, and weekends.

ACTC has been such a success in Silver Spring, that it recently earned Angarai Community Services Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Service Citation Award for “going above and beyond to assist in [Maryland’s] response to the coronavirus pandemic”.

Community Food Drives

Angarai Community Services periodically hosts food drives at our COVID testing center in Silver Spring; the food drives occur on days when our testing center is closed so as to limit our staff and residents’ exposure to the virus.

During our food drives – hosted in partnership with the American Diversity Group (ADG)— it is common for Angarai Community Services to distribute well over 1,000 bags of nutritious, perishable and non-perishable food.

While such a large volume of food distribution is undoubtedly an achievement, it is never lost on us that our success is a manifestation of great suffering in a prosperous and caring part of the United States; there is a great need for Angarai Community Services in our very own community.

We go to great lengths to provide a warm and welcoming environment for residents and volunteers at our food drives; nothing is more important to us than ensuring that residents retain their dignity when collecting food, and that our volunteers remain motivated and safe throughout the food drive.

Influenza Vaccination Clinic

Through our partner, American Diversity Group (ADG), Angarai Community Services periodically hosts flu vaccination clinics at our COVID testing center in Silver Spring, MD; the vaccination clinics are held on days when our testing center is closed so as to limit our staff and residents’ exposure to the virus.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 61,000 Americans have died from influenza since 2010. What’s more, that staggering number does not account for the debilitating effects of milder experiences of influenza which lead millions of Americans to miss work and isolate themselves from their community for weeks at a time. For all these reasons, seasonal vaccination against the influenza virus is a priority for the community of Maryland, and for Angarai Community Services.

At every one of our food drives, Angarai hosts an influenza vaccination clinic attended by pharmacy technicians and registered nurses. Together, they routinely administer dozens of flu vaccines during our operating times, and residents frequently ask when they will next have an opportunity to receive a free flu vaccine through Angarai Community Services.

Just as with our COVID testing center, we require neither administrative costs nor proof of insurance from our residents to receive influenza vaccines.