Angarai Community Services aims to stem the spread of COVID-19, empower businesses to function seamlessly during these difficult times, and address the needs of our community. Our vision is to provide free COVID testing to all Marylanders who otherwise could not access such services, to successfully help businesses and organizations overcome disruptions brought about by COVID-19, and to address the needs of our community as we collectively face our current public health crisis.

Maryland is one of the wealthiest states in the nation, yet our community members face the same food and healthcare insecurity as would be expected in less prosperous states.

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We have some of the best hospitals, and strongest healthcare systems in the nation, yet we struggle to provide corporations, organizations, and underserved communities with accessible testing for viral infections during this public health crisis. Angarai’s vision is to surmount these challenges and assure that all Marylanders are guaranteed reasonable standards of living and access to healthcare that so many enjoy across our state.

Through strong government and private partnerships, Angarai continues taking steps to realize our vision, and we approach every day with the ambition of making tailored COVID testing systems and other healthcare services accessible to Marylanders and Maryland-based organizations across our home-state.